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Nicole & Matisse

Classic and Romantic Wedding in Enchanted Ballroom 

Classic, elegant, romantic, and warm are some of the adjectives we could use to describe this astonishing Wedding Decor. Nicole & Matisse were the perfect princess and prince charming from this fairy-tale. We decorated the space with exquisite gold and ivory items, beautiful flower arrangements, and many candles. The dance floor and back wall for the dessert table were the perfect greenery touches for this indoor celebration. 

After having a beautiful Ceremony, the couple and their guests enjoyed violin live music and had a toast followed by the accustomed first dance. Afterward, everybody enjoyed an international buffet with an abundant selection of dishes and desserts. When the party continued they were ready for a fun Glam Crazy Hour. Ultimately everybody continued this unforgettable experience by doing a special Belgium tradition (where the groom is originally from) singing "Le Connemara" while waving their napkins in the air as the night faded away. 

Special thanks to Nathanael Valera for capturing all these images!

Location: Intercontinental Hotel, Santo Domingo

Nicole & Matisse

Nicole & Matisse

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