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Rosmery & Luis

Adventurous ​Travel Theme With a Touch of Elegance

We don't even know where to start with this wedding! It had so much attention to detail and so many surprises that it will be challenging to sum it in a few words. Nevertheless, we'll try our best to do it. Rosmery & Luis are an adventurous couple, they love traveling and they wanted their wedding to be all about "a travel experience". We loved the idea and started planning everything! 

The Wedding adventure started with a passport (aka the invitation) that would be stamped at the welcome counter by the staff dressed like airline members, they'd address your city of destination, (aka your table). The decor was elegant with touches of light peach and gold. There was a photo booth inspired by London, a beautiful travel-inspired dessert table, a two-way beautifully decorated buffet for the 150-guests, live music, and many other amenities for this out of the box celebration!

There were many surprises including, the bride and groom having a "Flamenco" dance choreography (A Spanish dance style), a crazy hour with glow in the dark dancers, mini burger late-night snacks and the recreation of a club's atmosphere while the bride and groom came out dressed like a flight attendant and captain. Everything was just SPECTACULAR!

Special thanks to Ricardo Enrique for capturing all these images!

Location: Restaurant in Santo Domingo.

Rosmery & Luis

Rosmery & Luis

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